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Cutest thing ever - Vine by Cheyenne Moore

I just died.

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Grown-up Glitter: Glimmering Neutral Eye Look (plus my super simple lash routine!)

Was requested to do a lash routine demo, but it’s honestly so simple that I couldn’t imagine making it a full post. I literally apply mascara (and I switch out my mascara all the time; it ranges from the expensive to the super-cheap) and curl.

The only consistent thing is I don’t like clumpy mascaras, and I only curl with heated lash curlers.

Look out for the tips mentioned above.

If you curl all your lashes it can look quite unnatural. My preferred way to do it is to curl the center lashes the most and the inner and outer lashes only slightly. This creaters a nice curved shape so your lashes look very long whether you’re looking from the front (center lashes point up) or the side (side lashes point out).

For the eye look, it’s a rather easy and basic neutral eye that looks very dimensional because I used 3 different textures. 

Colors used:

Matte ivory/beige: Make Up Store Old Lace

Blue-brown pearl: Make Up Store Volga (this is like MAC Club shadow)

Metallic Bronze-beige: MAC Tan pigment

Brown glitter liner: Make Up Store Glitter Liner in Sparkling Brown

Black liquid liner: Lime Crime Quill Uniliner

Mascara: Givenchy Phenomen’eyes mascara in Black